MCI: Tick Tock

The clock ticks away on yet another promise of service likely to go unfulfilled. This is at least the sixth "Today is the day" promise.

Three hours down, two to go...

"Scheduled Appointment: 1/6/2005 Technician Arrival Time: 1:00pm - 6:00pm"

"The cost of the inside wire Tie Down service is $180.00, which can be paid for upon completion of the work with either a Check or Money Order."

Although the appointment is technically for between 1 and 6, Elizabeth Miller (yet ANOTHER MCI person to get involved) said she'd try to arrange for a 1:00 PM appointment so there'd be more time this afternoon "just in case."

1pm came and went.
2pm came and went.
3pm came and went.
4pm came and went.


"Why not just dump MCI?" you ask? Because I want to keep my phone number, and I've learned from other phone companies that a number can't be transfered until all service orders are cleared. Otherwise, the number goes back to the phone company that had/still-has it to reassign to someone else.

"When transferring a number, all pending/service orders MUST be cleared from your account in order for the transfer to be successful."

Not only did MCI email me to say that yet ANOTHER technician would be here today (that's technician #3 if you're counting)... this time, since it's an inside wiring job (that probably has nothing to do with the problem at hand) they added the following condition:

A $75.00 Trip Charge will be billed if a customer is not at home during the scheduled appointment time, if technicians are unable to gain access to inside wire facilities to perform the necessary work, if the repair problem is isolated to the customer's telephone equipment, or if no problem is found.

And so, I sit in silence in order to hear a knock on my door from someone who probably won't arrive.

This is just stupid.


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