Is The Inside Of Your Monitor Dirty?

Normally, I *HATE* spam... but there's one person I can always count on for quality goodies in my email: My old radio buddy, Dan from Dallas.

Today he sent me... well... just when you think you've seen it all, there's this.

Click it... share it... That's Comedy :)

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Go Figure. Two years have passed since I posted this (it's January, 2007). I found my way back to that site today and wasn't the least bit surprised by what had become of it.

Take a good idea - even something absolutely trivial - and somebody will find a way to make money from it. And that's not always a bad thing.

...not always.

::::: | Friday, Jan 14 2005 at 3:11 PM
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Bert said:

I love it!! Although those scratchy tongues could do some damage.

::::: | January 15, 2005 9:25 AM

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