An Open Letter To MCI

I have, of course, emailed this to all appropriate parties I could think of, and I post it here in hope that it might be read and then passed along to someone - anyone - at MCI who just might give a damn. ...one never knows.

To whom it may concern;

Rich Murphy - MCI field ops manager - arrived at my apartment today with his field tech at 4:30pm to correct a supposed inside wiring issue. Rich reports that, quote "Qwest has not delivered the line to the building yet."

You may contact Rich to discuss this further.

It is worth noting that during my many attempts to solve this matter through MCI customer service, I have had to correct and re-correct the address I was moving to as MCI somehow kept defaulting to the old address that I had moved from. It would be ridiculous to request service be transferred TO the very address it was being transferred from, would it not?

I don't intend for that to be a rhetorical question.

During a long conversation with customer service on December 28th, I was given reason to suspect that MCI had tried weeks previous to move my service TO the very same address they were transferring it FROM.

It is also worth noting that I was time and time again given different reasons for the lack of service ranging from a surge sent through the line that would require me to unplug my phone for ten minutes, to inside wiring problems, as well as general delays given without explanation long after the move was to have been complete on the part of MCI.

I find it unbelievable that MCI customers without service have no way to contact anyone at MCI who can help other than by calling. I have spent weeks without phone service. I am simply asking you to take one minute of your time to seriously think about how ridiculous that is.

Does your internet service provider expect you to email them when your internet service is down? No.

Does the electric company want you to flick your lights on and off in Morse Code to alert them when your power is out? Of course not.

Why does a PHONE company expect me to CALL when their mistakes leave me with no PHONE SERVICE?

"I have received your e-mail regarding not being able to contact us due to your not having service. I apologize for any difficulties this issue has caused. Unfortunately, this is not an issue we can resolve through our e-Customer Service team."

What frustrates me the most about this situation is that - even through the various mistakes made by MCI - this whole matter could have been resolved if there had been a person to contact once it was clear that things had gone afoul weeks ago. Instead, I spend week after week without phone service, wonderring... Maybe next week...?

Even more frustrating than that, however, was learning that back in 2003, MCI had documented this problem internally and discussed it on a nationally syndicated radio program.

Here is a link to that broadcast, which is still available to listen to online. I should know, as that is what I was doing last night.

This American Life
Episode #253: "Middle Of Nowhere",
dated December 5th, 2003
Segment Title: "On Hold, No One Can Hear You Scream"

MCI was aware of the lack of communication within the customer service department back in 2003. Yet in 2005, I am without phone service due to a lack of organization on the part of MCI customer service.

Imagine my frustration as I listen to an old interview from 2003 with Jim Myers, who took the time to treat Julie Snyder "like a princess" (as he put it) while announcing to the world that MCI was putting a new system in place to solve what appears to be the very problem that plagues the notes of my transfer of service request in 2005.

Meanwhile, I was left to wait for a technician to arrive and bill me $75 for finding that my wiring was just fine - which, by the way, I already had reason to believe since the previous tenant at this address had a phone.

"A $75.00 Trip Charge will be billed if a customer is not at home during the scheduled appointment time, if technicians are unable to gain access to inside wire facilities to perform the necessary work, if the repair problem is isolated to the customer's telephone equipment, or if no problem is found."

MCI has a clear lack of communication within customer service.

As evidence that this problem of a lack of communication within MCI's customer service still exists years after steps were supposedly taken to fix it, I have MCI's Elizabeth Miller determination as to the cause of my phone service outage. She stated that MCI has - and I quote - "determined that this is an inside wiring issue."

That is an interesting determination being that it is completely incorrect, wouldn't you agree?

Simply put, as the buck got passed time and time again, it appears I started from scratch each and every time with a new person who failed to see which steps of the service transfer had or had not been completed.

My frustration is obvious, and for that I apologize.

I can't help but wonder: Why has this taken so long? What happens next? When will I have phone service, and what steps will MCI take to make this situation right? I'm still hoping for December 9th as I was initially told. What do you think my odds are?

I eagerly await your reply.


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