MCI: Can You Hear Me NOW?

Damn, damn, damn, do I hate MCI. My phone service is down, and has been for some time now, as they transfer my number and service from the old place to our new loft.

During the last few weeks, emails have been sent, and calls have been made. A technician was scheduled to arrive today between 1 and 5. At 6, I fired off an email to MCI customer service, and the following arrived an hour later:

"I have researched the status of your order and there appears to be a delay with processing this request. For more details about the delay and assistance with this issue, please call MCI Local Customer Service at 1-888-624-5622..."

Rob scratched his head, thinking "how could there be a delay if a technician was supposed to be here TODAY? And how am I supposed to CALL when I don't have phone SERVICE?" Sheeeesh.

I borrowed a friend's cellphone to begrudgingly call MCI. Again.

This is my part of the conversation - after I'd been transferred once already...

Hello? I'm calling about my phone service. It's down, and I'm hoping to find out when you'll have it connected again.

Yes that's me. No this isn't the number I'm calling about. If it were, I wouldn't be ca... hhhhmph!

Yes I'll hold.

No I don't want to establish new serv... hmmmmph! Look, you were supposed to have transfered my current service and number to a new address weeks ago, and I want to know when it will be done.

Yes, that's the number.

Yes, I'll hold.

Hello? Right, a technician was scheduled to be here between 1 and 5. Yeah, that WAS a few hours ago. No, nobody showed up that *I* know of and my service is still down.

Please tell me you didn't just ask me if the phone is plugged in.


Yes I'll hold.

Hello? WHAT? Come on now. Why would I have requested to have the service changed to the same address it was already at.

A block?!? My line has been blo... oh, it HASN'T been blocked... because my bill is paid in full. Right. And here's the funny thing about that - I'm paid in full for a service I can't use because my service has been down for a month, and now I have to borrow my girlfriend's cell phone which gets charged by the minute just so I can call you and figure out what happened.

I'm sure you really can imagine my frustratio... ack!

Yes, I'll hold.

Hello again. Huh? Oh, fine, transfer me... Yes I'll hold.

Hello. Did Shelly explain why I was transfered to you, or are we starting from scratch here? That's good.

Wait - why do I need to explain it again if she already told you what was wrong?

Yes I'll hold.

Hello? Yes you can call me Rob. I'd rather you call me 'the guy without phone service' cuz that kinda drives the point home, don'chathink?

NO I'M NOT CALLING FROM MY OWN NUMB... sigh... OK, I guess we are starting over here. I called last month to have my service transferred from my last apartment to a new address. I was told the order wasn't even put in until the 6th, and then someone said it was put in again on the 20th. I was told a technician would arrive here today between 1 and 5 to set the service up.


Yes I'll hold.


No I CAN'T call you tomorrow. If I could call you tomorrow, that would imply I could make calls - and if I could make calls, this whole where the heck is my service issue would be moot, now wouldn't it?

Yes that IS why I'm calling from a different number. I borrowed my girlfriend's cell phone so I could call now. Crazy to think I'm paying by the minute to call and find out why the phone service I'm already paying for isn't working, huh?

OK, this is getting silly. I just want to know when I'll have a phone again. It's been a month. When can I expect a technician here, and why didn't one do the job today as scheduled?

Yes, one WAS scheduled for the 28th... THAT'S TODAY.

He may have been here? Come on now, you're just making that up. Are you really telling me you have no way of knowing...? No notes, no status reports or update of any kind? Yes I'll hold.


No I can't call tomorrow! I don't have a phone to call FROM... OK, we're going to need to write that down on whatever list of notes you've got in front of you. Write it in big letters at the top: "HE CAN NOT CALL BECAUSE HE HAS NO PHONE SERVICE."

What?!? How could you have someone call *ME* tomorrow if I don't have phone service. That's why I can't call you!

Clearly we are having a failure to communicate.

Oh god fine I'll hold.

OK look, this is stupid. I need you to transfer me to a supervisor.

You're kidding.

Just out of curiosity... I mean, I'm not trying to be rude here, but what exactly are you a supervisor 'of'?

The conversation just got nuttier from that point on... Needless to say, I have no frigging clue when I'll have phone service again.


::::: | Tuesday, Dec 28 2004 at 11:33 PM
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Betsy said:

I think it's time to dump MCI, don't you...?

::::: | December 30, 2004 5:49 PM

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