Winged Migration

When I was a kid, I used to watch the birds flying overhead - always in their 'V' formation. It was graceful and beautiful. I was living in Allentown PA at the time, and the sky would be filled with birds throughout the fall. The sounds of skwawking overhead was as much a part of the fall as the rustle of newfallen leaves at your feet.

As the years passed, I stopped noticing the changes that autumn brings. I was too preoccupied with changes in my own life - often making winged migrations of my own.

The decision to be a high school foreign exchange student came in the fall of 1988. I moved away to college in the fall of 1990. The fall of '94 was spent searching nationwide for a job in radio. I moved from Daytona Beach to Pittsburgh in the fall of '95... then to Houston in the fall of '96... to Portland in fall '98, and I found myself moving into a new apartment in Dallas by fall of '99. I returned to Portland three years later, just in time to be settling into yet another apartment in the fall of 2002.

I watch the colors change outside as leaves become shades of red, orange, yellow, and then brown. And I search for change within myself. I can't help the feeling I should be going somewhere... moving on yet again.

Maybe I already am. Change comes in more forms than a new address.

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