Mixer? Me?

I look in the mirror and see my reflection, and I think to myself "I know you so well." Where many people have no opinions on things, mine tend to be strong and well thought out.

Take religion for example. By age ten, I was asking questions for which those around me had no answers. By age fifteen I'd admitted to myself that I don't believe in 'god' - any god. By age 21, I giggled at the thought of ever having debated the issue. I think the entire concept is downright silly.

What about politics? I initially registered Republican, because my dad had been a Republican. It didn't take me long to realize I cared too much about my fellow man to be a Republican, not to mention my lack of contempt for the rest of the world.

I think I know myself soooo well, so you can imagine my shock when, while talking about *MYSELF*, someone corrects me.

I see myself as a minimalist. I like to keep things simple.

"No you don't. You change things. You mix things to suit your taste. You actually make things more complex."

WHAT?!?!? That's just absur...

"You mix your coffee..."
...sure, but...

"You mix your cereal. What's that stuff you're eating?"
...right, but...

"Beer at McMenamin's..."
...yeah, but it's...

"And your iTunes thing?"
...well sure, but...

"...and then there's..."
OK, I'm shutting up now...

I guess I'm more complex than I thought...

OH - and speaking of iTunes, there's a fun new gizmo called Audio Scrobbler that logs playlists and posts favorites on the web, allowing people who enjoy similar music to discover other artists they might like as well... and of course, I had to have it. The Audio Scrobbler plugin took less than 30 seconds to set up, and it's quite cool. Here's my Audio Scrobbler page.

What will they think of next? (and how will I want to alter it to suit my tastes?)

::::: | Tuesday, Nov 16 2004 at 10:08 AM
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Betsy said:

Dude, I've been pimping it for months! I know, I know...you've been busy, heh.. You can have some great 'guess the musical theme of the moment' games on your blog, among other things.

I'm 'betsywhim' over there, fyi...

::::: | November 16, 2004 2:37 PM

smokey the grouch said:

What's with the girly-man music? How bout some Pantera or at the very least The Clash? Oh and it's national smoke out day..... for everyone else at least......

::::: | November 18, 2004 4:32 PM

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