A love song of sorts plays in the background as I read the days news. The paradox cracks me up.

I'm reading about farmers buying contaminated missile silos while American Music Club singer Mark Eitzel pours his heart out.

The contrasts between the mixed messages are hilarious.

READING: "Warnings against digging more than two feet into the ground because of cancer-causing chemicals haven't stopped people from buying 130 of the 150 former missile silo plots the federal government is selling in Missouri."

HEARING: "Listen:
before you lose the ocean from your tears,
before your face is carved out of stone
before they finally force you to your knees -
only love can set you free."

READING: "Police said Tuesday they have arrested a woman in the abduction of an unborn baby who was cut from its mother's womb while she was unconscious."

HEARNG: "Listen:
it takes a baby years to know
what's gonna make it stop crying
that what it wants isn't hard to see -
only love can set you free."

READING: "Iraq's interim defense minister was quoted by an Arabic-language newspaper Tuesday as saying he cannot guarantee the safety of voters or candidates in the country's elections scheduled for January 30."

HEARING: "Listen:
what you find when you lose your way
are gunshot signs on a haunted sky
that only point you to a crowded mystery -
only love can set you free.
...I've been so lucky"


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