A Vote Against Terror

Do you support terrorism?

Sure, you quickly jump to the conclusion that you don't... "I couldn't possibly support terrorism... he must be talking about somebody else, right?"

No. I'm talking to you - yes you. And I want to know - do YOU support terrorism?

Do YOU help cause there to be MORE terrorism?
Do YOU somehow help terrorists to raise money?
Do YOU assist terrorists in recruiting more members?

If you vote for George W. Bush today, your answer to all three questions will be "Yes I do." A vote for George W. Bush is a de-facto vote for terrorism. Whether or not you choose to accept this fact makes it no less true.

September 11th united so much of the world. Though the tragedy happened here, the world looked on, knowing that terrorism knows no borders. International support came fast, and it was strong.

And we squandered it.

The war against terrorism should have been a hard fought war of intelligence and little known but highly significant victories. It should have involved building stronger ties with foreign nations and secretly infiltrating terrorist organizations. But that takes time, and we sure do love what we can have this very moment, don't we?

Ours is a culture of instant gratification at the expense of our hopes and dreams.

A woman goes home with strangers she meets at a bar, leaving herself to later wonder why real love always eludes her. Gee I wonder.

A man climbs the corporate ladder with a me-first attitude and then wonders why coworkers are so quick to stab him in the back. Gee I wonder.

A president sends his nation into war in Iraq because a victory against the terrorist organization that attacked his country on September 11th won't come swiftly enough to appease the masses. Then we, as a nation, wonder why the world hates us. Gee I wonder.

I know it's more complex than that for all three examples given. But still - easy victories are often failures in disguise. Bar girl got the guys, but they didn't turn out to be good men. If only she'd gotten to know them a little first... Corporate boy climbed the ladder, but he was pushed off that ladder by the very people he stepped on. If only he'd earned people's trust and respect along the way... The president got his war, diverting attention away from providing security for his own nation. Now we watch a well rested Osama Bin Laden warn us on TV while we raise our terror alert level.

Go figure.

Let's not get lost in ideologies here. I am not a Democrat, nor a Republican. I'm not a member of the Green Party, nor an Independent. I have little use for such labels. I think for myself and vote with my head and my heart.

I urge you today to do the same.

A few facts:

There are more terrorists wishing to do us harm today than there were four years ago. The September 11th attacks required years of planning. We don't know what future attacks are being planned against us. We'll probably find out when it's too late.

The first President Bush's plan of containing Saddam Hussein proved to be the correct decision. Saddam didn't have weapons of mass destruction, and we can thank the previous Bush, as well as President Clinton for seeing that plan through.

Continuing to contain Saddam wouldn't have depleted our resources to the point where we fear a return of the draft. And by the way - if you don't fear a return of the draft, you should. We don't have enough troops for another military action if one were required today.

The war in Iraq had nothing to do with September 11th. We've made it easier for al Qaeda to recruit and raise money. Today, they're stronger than ever - and we're preoccupied with a war in Iraq.

If you disagree with Senator Kerry, and thus, cannot vote for him - that's fine. But voting for George Bush because he is a republican and you are a republican is absolutely ignorant.


If there isn't a candidate you feel comfortable voting for, don't vote. If there is one, then cast your ballot accordingly. But be informed. Osama Bin Laden is doing fine. Al Qaeda is swelling with money and new recruits. And Saddam Hussein, who lacked the ability to harm us, is in prison. Easy victories are often failures in disguise.

The decision you make today may be the hatred we all face tomorrow.

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