Undecided? ME?!?

I've been posting a lot of political stuff lately. Too much actually. I can't wait till this election's done. But it's inescapable... ugh.

Somehow, my name was placed on the "undecided" list, and I've been getting flooded with political calls. Donkey donkey donkey - you've got my vote - Move On ALREADY!!!! Stop calling me!

Of the millions of people in the U.S, I'm possibly the LEAST undecided of all.

Undecided!? ME?!? HA!!!! I'm so anti-Bush that I've completely given up bushes, and well, vegetation of all kinds, until next month. That means I'm eating nothing but meat & pastas - and the occasional chocolate!!!

Undecided? ME!!??? I'm still upset that Dukakis lost to papa Bush in 1988. I'm upset that Jeb Bush even exists. What a slimy mo-fo he is.

UN-DECIDED??!!!? ME!!!???? Come on now. I knew how I was voting in the 2004 election the day Al gave his concession speech in 2000.

UN-DECIDED!??!!??!! I'm so anti you-know-which political entity that I composed this whole post without using the language equivalent to a digit found between Q and S, because I feel that _epublicans a_e THAT evil, and I'm THAT upset about it. I'm calling myself '_ob', because I'm not even willing to say the lette_ _. What am I having fo_ b_eakfast you wonde_? F_ench toast & sy_up, a f_ied egg, and p_obably some g_apef_uit juice and ma_malade on f_esh _ye b_ead.

UN-DE-CI-DED?!?!?!? Thank god I'm not gay because I'd have given up dick too. Well, I might as well say I have given up dick - but that's like saying I've given up competitive sillyputty sculpture...

...and yet somehow someone thought *I* was undecided? Yeeesh...

::::: | Saturday, Oct 16 2004 at 10:15 AM
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Denise said:

So who are you voting for again?

::::: | October 16, 2004 10:52 PM

Betsy said:

You're on the list as an 'undecided' voter because you haven't been here very long and thus don't have a voting history established with the state (or didn't register a party affiliation - but that still wouldn't get you off most lists now.)

I've been here almost 8 years...have voted in every election save one (and that was an accident), and I'm on the 'undecided' or 'unlikely' voter list as well...

::::: | October 20, 2004 5:36 PM

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