The Native Language And A Goat

Could you imagine Tony Blair cracking jokes about how poorly he speaks the English language?

Could you imagine the German prime minister on international TV talking about how poorly he speaks German?

Could you possibly picture the Canadian prime minister announcing to his countrymen and to the world how poorly he speaks English?

The idea is ludicrous. It's silly - maybe even dumb - but that's exactly what our president is doing this week.

During Wednesday's debate, Bush, while talking about his wife, said: "she's out campaigning along with our girls. And she speaks English a lot better than I do." The audience laughed.

He must have liked that joke, because he's been all over the news today with quotes about how poorly he speaks English. And this is a good thing?

Please George... PLEASE! It's not as if you haven't done enough damage to this country already. Do you REALLY have to humiliate us? Is it really the best way to gain international support for your failed war in Iraq to show yourself - proudly I might add - to be a dumbass?

Please... enough already.

I wonder if your poor language skills help to explain why you had to sit an extra seven minutes to finish reading "My Pet Goat" with the schoolchildren on the morning of September Eleventh after your advisors informed you our nation was being attacked?!?!?!?!?!?!?


I bet Laura is better at reading as well. Too bad she's not the President. Actually - nevermind. By marrying you, her credibility in regards to proper judgment is pretty much shot.

P.S. Hey George, how was the book? I haven't read that one yet.

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