Never Forget

How it is that we're less than a week away from the presidential election and Bush & Kerry still tied... well... it's simply beyond me. Then again, I often forget how incredibly absolutely one hundred percent mother fucking ignorant the general population tends to be.

HELLO!!!! Never forget that this is your country. Demand better.

Iraq had nothing to do with September 11th. If you accept the constantly changing rational for going to war, the dumbass is you.

Every figure we've been given regarding the cost of the war has been wrong. Remember the original $85 billion request the Bush administration pushed through congress? What a bargain in retrospect. If you accept the constantly changing cost of the war due to poor planning, the dumbass is You.

Jobs have been lost. A lesser number of lower paying jobs have been created. Outsourcing is supported through tax incentives. Health care costs are skyrocketing. Bad news o-pelnty. That's your government's economic plan. If you accept that only wealthy people have social value, the dumbass is YOU.

And finally, if you accept that dirty politics is acceptable, the dumbass is Y-O-U.

I could go on and on - but I'll let The New Yorker do it instead:

The heightened emotions of the race that (with any luck) will end on November 2, 2004, are rooted in the events of three previous Tuesdays. On Tuesday, November 7, 2000, more than a hundred and five million Americans went to the polls and, by a small but indisputable plurality, voted to make Al Gore President of the United States. Because of the way the votes were distributed, however, the outcome in the electoral college turned on the outcome in Florida. In that state, George W. Bush held a lead of some five hundred votes, one one-thousandth of Gore's national margin; irregularities, and there were many, all had the effect of taking votes away from Gore; and the state's electoral machinery was in the hands of Bush's brother, who was the governor, and one of Bush's state campaign co-chairs, who was the Florida secretary of state.

Bush sued to stop any recounting of the votes, and, on Tuesday, December 12th [2000], the United States Supreme Court gave him what he wanted. Bush v. Gore was so shoddily reasoned and transparently partisan that the five justices who endorsed the decision declined to put their names on it, while the four dissenters did not bother to conceal their disgust. There are rules for settling electoral disputes of this kind, in federal and state law and in the Constitution itself. By ignoring them by cutting off the process and installing Bush by fiat the Court made a mockery not only of popular democracy but also of constitutional republicanism.

Read the entire story here. It is absolutely positively worth your time.

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