Maximizing My Minimalism

ring... ring... "...hello?"


I'm used to hearing my name on the phone - or maybe a greeting. A simple "hi, how are ya!," or something like that. But I've got a friend who simply shouts "Jalpuna" into the phone when I pick up.

I have strange friends. It's the truth - and I love it. Who wants to bore oneself with 'normal' people. Bahh...

So, I was chatting on the phone with the Jalpunashouter, and I wanted to show her something on the web.

"Got a web browser up?"
"Yep - what'cha got?"
"Go to Jalpuna and scroll down the links on the left... Look for whateverthehell-I-hadhersearchingfor."

And that's when it hit me. My site design looked cool, but it was more style than substance. I could hear her confusion over the phone.

Silence... and then... "What is this stuff? How many pages does your thingy have?"

Ahhh... maybe it's just her. She eventually found what she was looking for.

Yes indeed... the site looked great, but it was a mess to use. Once someone 'figured it out,' it was easy... but until then, it was a confusing mess.

What better than that for someone with a mild O.C.D. to obsess over, eh?

Back To The Basics

I started working on a new design a few weeks ago in hopes of coming up with something simple yet slick - yet simple!

Well, here it is... I got the new design up and running today. Hopefully this fits the bill.

I like the little box-picture that changes as you scroll over site pages in the orange bar. And I like the grayed out/faded background picture. But what I like most is that - hopefully - this design is easier to use, and that it - hopefully - calls more attention to the writing.

The real question of course is: What will I obsess about now that the new design is done? Lucky for me, there are still a few html and Movable Type bugs to chase... good fun!

...Here's the old design... (click for full screen pic)

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