Remember the mazes that used to be printed on the backs of cereal boxes every now and then? What about arcade-type maze games? Imagine a real life version of that. How could I resist?

Oh - I couldn't possibly.

So, when first presented with the fact that a corn maze actually existed, I thought my childhood cereal box fantasies had finally come true! If only Count Chocula were here to share the moment with me... but alas - he wasn't.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"The Sacagewea Corn Maize" in Sauvie Island.

Car filled parking lots mean large crowds, and the corn maze ticket line didn't disappoint. Oh goody.

Take a look at those people. Talk about W-H-I-T-E-! Not that I expect to bump into Jay-Z & Ricky Martin working out lyrics for a revamped "Livin' La Vida Corn Maze" at Sauvie Island, but still... Sometimes I forget just how diverse this city isn't.

Waiting for a better look at the map...

A glimpse at the rules...

And here's what keeps this operation legal...

If we get killed by a runaway corn stalk, it won't be as if we weren't warned. But fear not - they've hired security.

OK - enough chit-chat... it's time to take a look at the maze. Here's a shot from above.

And a few shots from inside the maze.

The maze itself was well designed. It really was everything I expected it to be, minus the suburbanites moving through it like locusts.

Suburbanites make corn-man angry. I feel his pain.

Corn-Jesus approved. (can you blame him?)

And what the hell... here's a shot of myself, looking rather corn-tastic, if I don't say so...

Right. And on that note, we're outa' here...

...but not before saying goodbye to our new friend in the animal barn, Goat-Satan.

::::: | Monday, Oct 18 2004 at 10:28 AM
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kara said:

No smoking - LOL

::::: | October 20, 2004 8:53 AM

Me! said:

I can't believe suburbanites didn't consider corn-Jesus to be sacareligious.


::::: | October 21, 2004 3:12 PM

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