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Well crap. I watched the second presidential debate tonight, and Bush managed to come prepared this time. Granted, he was screaming through most of it - but still... he held his own. I just want this whole election to be over. The fear of four more years is an exhausting one.


With that in mind - I have two quick thoughts tonight.

The first concerns the idea of a "Global Test." It appears Bush took the Global Test recently, and here are his results:

[original source unknown - at least to me]

One final thought on tonight's debate. This should have been the line of the night, but too many probably missed it since it's more than a two second sound bite.

John Kerry said:

"If we'd used smart diplomacy, we could have saved $200 billion and an invasion of Iraq, and right now Osama bin Laden might be in jail or dead. That's the war on terror."

It simply amazes me that Americans aren't outraged. Bush chose Iraq rather than al Qaeda. It's as simple as that. If we'd used the might of the military we put into the campaign in Iraq and INSTEAD sent them after al Qaeda, Mr. President, 'merica would be a hell of a lot safer than it is today.

How sad.

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