Women And Clothes

Women crack me up! What the fuck is up with their clothing sizes? What exactly is an 8? Or a 12? Or a 4? These numbers represent NOTHING! That's why I'd never make a good transvestite. I'd never be able to do the conversion from men's sizes to women's.

I normally wear a size 30/32 jeans, and 31/32 pants. It bugs me that the size differs a little because - dammit - we're talking about a measurement here. Grab a tape measure, whip it around me, and lookie there... 31 inches around. (30 around if I'm going to wear jeans I guess... grumble grumble)

But women are nuts - and so, I ask again: What the fuck is a 6?

I've yet to meet a woman who doesn't think she's fat. Go ahead and hate me for saying this - but the truth is, many of them are. To be fair, fat men are everywhere these days too, and they don't carry the weight as well either.

Damn! What's going on in this country?

I'll tell you what's going on: It's the suburbs god dammit. They're killing us. And the soda machines in middle schools. And the biggie sizes. And the plethora of sugars in damn near everything we eat... not to mention the portion sizes.

I'm not saying all women are supposed to be skinny. Be healthy. That's what matters. If fact, skinny isn't really attractive anyway. Ally MacBeal was a scary Skeletor's daughter looking glow in the dark cover that shit up freak if ever I saw one. Instead of fanmail, she probably received meatloaf and fruitcakes. And she probably thought she was fat.

What's the deal with skinny women who think they're fat?!?!?!??!!!?

And what the hell is the deal with clothing sizes?

I don't get it.

::::: | Monday, Sep 27 2004 at 10:28 AM
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kara said:

I wear a size "4"
but in Canada it's a size 9!

::::: | September 27, 2004 6:29 PM

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