T.P, But No Salvation

I learned a few things tonight.

First, I learned that if you are in line at a grocery store with only two items, and one of them is a shitload of toilet paper - pun intended of course - people will let you jump to the head of the line... without even asking. Truth be told, I was there for the second item (ice cream) but no one needs to know that.

Second, I learned that christian beliefs only go so far.

I was watching Letterman tonight, and Switchfoot was on - so of course, I watched. I've been a fan since their previous album. Yeah, yeah, they're a Christian band - but I like their music anyway.

They were on Letterman singing "Dare You To Move"... and they edited out the words "salvation is sweet."

Now come on. I'm as atheist as they come. I'm so atheist that a church would burst into flames if I walked in the door. Simply put: I don't believe.

I don't believe in god. I don't even *NOT* believe in god. I think the entire concept of some voodoo man in the sky is beyond silly. The idea of a 'virgin mother' was an old one by the time the christians adopted it... Jesus? His birthday is in MARCH dammit, not December... Noah's Ark? Rrrrrrrrrrrrright. Two of every kind of animal on earth. Carnivores galore, yet nobody got eaten? And Noah didn't eat anybody either? Right.

...and yet - even *I* think it was stupid for a christian band to perform on late night TV and edit christian references from their work.

I understand why they did it. It's a matter of dollars and sense... they don't want to scare off potential buyers for their CDs ...but come on already - they either believe that religious crap or they don't. If they do - more power to 'em.

I just don't think money shouldn't be more important than one's spiritual beliefs ...but hey, what do I know?

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