It's Only Gray On The Outside

Gray days.
The sun setting earlier.
Cool weather.
Leaves turning bright colors.
Orange! Orange! Orange!
Red! Yellow! Even brown.
Mount Hood turning white.
The rain.
The soothing sound of the rain while dozing off.
The look of rain falling in front of a street lights & headlights.
The smell of the rain.
...and the smell of the air during the rain.
...and the smell of the air after the rain stops.
Squish squish of a wet sidewalk under my feet.
The crunch of new fallen leaves.
Comfy shoes forgotten since last spring.
Dressing in layers...
...long sleeves.
...a turtleneck?
...or a sweater?
...definitely a jacket!
...warm socks.
...wet feet [ahh well]
Walking hand in hand as the rain falls.
Splashing in puddles :)
Sharing an umbrella...
...or being ok with getting wet.
Peeling off wet layers after a wet walk for two.
A wool blanket.
Flannel sheets.
Flannel pajama pants.
A flannel robe.
Hot cocoa! [with marshmellows]
...or Irish coffee.
Sitting in a pub with huge windows
...watching the city get wet.
Sipping a dark ale.
Hot soups.
A think & hearty stew.
Holiday cookies.
...holiday cookie dough!
Sweet potato pie!
Pumpkin pie.
Pumpkins in general.
Apple Cider.
A corn maze!

Damn, I love this time of year! Thank you autumn for finally arriving.

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