Dead Americans, Dead Russians, And You

Are we, as a nation, better off today than we were four years ago? There are real issues that need to be discussed - but Dick Cheney would prefer continuing on the path of fear-mongering rather than discussing what his administration has done and will do. Dick does this because WE as Americans accept it.

Are Dick and George talking about...

So, on this week of the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on our nation, we have a few reminders to think about. Three immediately come to mind:

So, while Cheney tries to convince lesser intelligent Americans that "Voting" is un-American or unpatriotic, here's the George W quote of the day. Click it - it's a beauty.

In the end, the presidential election should boil down to this:


And yet - Americans appear to be falling for whatever lies they're told.

How sad.

Maybe, after the next terrorist attack HERE, we'll notice that there really IS more terrorism these days. Maybe, then, we'll seek change. I sure hope so.

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