Toothbrush Holder

Nobody makes a toothbrush holder for a single person. They instead fill those things with more holes than you'll ever be able to fill. Oh sure, you could drop spare toothbrushes in the empty holes - but that's a toothbrush holder fraud and we both know it.

So then, what gives?

Are the toothbrush holder makers trying to tell us something? What kind of m'nage-quatro relationship involves four people! That's far too complex for my tastes. Is it some kind of Mormon thing? Is my toothbrush holder religiously biased? Is this a hint that I should move to Utah in search of my three wives-to-be in hopes of someday sipping Polygamy Porters together before retiring to the bathroom to brush our teeth, removing toothbrushes from the perfectly filled four hole toothbrush holder? I'm SO not that guy!!!

Have you ever noticed the relationship between the number of holes in the toothbrush holder and the white-trashiness of the store in which it's sold? The tall shiny silver metallic circle toothbrush holder has four holes. The plastic pink hippo with green spots that glow in the dark has six.

I have no idea why I ponder these things.

::::: | Tuesday, Aug 24 2004 at 4:31 PM
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Jane Wycoff said:

yes! yes! who wants to reminded two or three times a day that society think you should fill four holes instead of your happy little one...

::::: | July 25, 2009 9:11 AM

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