So Simple, So Perfect

The following quote is borrowed lovingly from an email I recieved tonight from a friend. She wrote to tell me about her relationship, and her words were marvelous.

"I am totally in love, it's great. We just spent the last nine days together, camping, sleeping in the tent in a down pour, hiking, driving, visiting my family, holding hands, going to vancouver, eating good food, playing games and being in love. Fun, deep and exciting, but yet it feels like we are a perfect old couple. SIGH...."

Love is like that. It's so simple. So perfect.

It begins as a glimmer in the eye, and it builds, burying itself deep in the heart while spreading to the rest of the body, from the eyes that see to the fingers that touch. From the ears that hear to the feet that walk in unison, sometimes without realizing it.

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