How Would A Terrorist Vote?

This morning, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge raised the terror alert from yellow to orange for the financial centers in NYC and D.C. This makes me wonder...

It's safe to assume that al Qaeda has recruited at least a few American Citizens, right? As American citizens, they can vote in the upcoming election... right? How do you think they'll vote?

It's easy to say they'd vote for Kerry since Bush was the one to launch this so called "War On Terror." But I believe terrorists in the U.S. will vote for Bush.

Think about it: After the attacks on September 11th, there was an overwhelming outpouring of international support for The United States. And we squandered it. We had the opportunity to build an international coalition to help us root out terrorists worldwide. Instead, we found ourselves mired in a war for oil and influence in Iraq while the terrorists' ranks swelled with new recruits.

Simply put: al Qaeda has a friend in President Bush, and President Bush has a friend in al Qaeda. Though they claim to hate each other, they need each other. Bush needs al Qaeda to inspire fear here so he can remain in power, and al Qaeda needs Bush to inspire hatred of America throughout the rest of the world so they can grow and build financial support.

The Bush administration and al Qaeda are de facto allies really.

While the Bush administration spreads anger towards America in the rest of the world, al Qaeda spreads fear of themselves in America. The difference is that al Qaeda has no "America Alert System." They don't need one because - at least under the Bush administration - our priorities are elsewhere.

Who's winning this war on terror? They are.

But we sure do love our Haliburtons and our Saudi Royals, don't we?

When the next 9/11 style attacks occur in the U.S., ask yourself: What if we'd spent 2002 through 2004 focussed on defeating al Qaeda rather than Iraq? It's an important question - and it's precisely why I believe terrorists will vote for Bush.

For them, Bush is good for business.

For us, Bush is bad bad bad news.

::::: | Sunday, Aug 01 2004 at 12:20 PM
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Andy said:

How astute. It does seem that there must have been some recognition somewhere in the administration that they were killing a good thing for themselves. When was that moment? I seem to remember going to Afganistan for something... but what was it?

::::: | August 1, 2004 1:48 PM

Me! said:

Maybe if we'd finished the job in Afghanistan...
Maybe if we'd continued from there by fighting al Qaeda...
Maybe if we'd brought the rest of the world with us...
Maybe if we'd stayed the course rather than go to Iraq...
Maybe if we'd worked with our allies...
Maybe if we'd taken terrorism seriously...
Maybe if we'd taken our allies seriously...
Maybe it's not too late. I suspect we'll find out come November.

::::: | August 1, 2004 1:58 PM

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