Good Luck Florida!

I was living in a crappy apartment complex on the Halifax River back in the summer of '95. The Halifax is really an inland shipping channel that's probably used more for recreation than shipping these days. It runs right through Daytona Beach, and my apartment sat less than 20 yards from its shore.

Being on the water sure is handy when a hurricane comes along.


My neighbors and I had a betting pool based on which storm we thought was going to wipe us out that year. One of us always had The Weather Channel on (you quickly learn what time The Tropical Report airs each hour when you live in Florida).

I lost the hurricane pool by one letter. I was betting on 'F' - but it was 'E' that got us.

Hurricane Erin - the storm that came in off the Atlantic and tore its way across central Florida, then strengthened over the Gulf Of Mexico before hitting Florida again on the western panhandle.

This current situation in Florida looks equally grim with two storms making landfall at roughly the same time: Tropical Storm Bonnie and Hurricane Charley.

Good luck Florida! You've got some crazy ass dimpled chadding can't drive tanning their way to melanoma hell people in your state, but I've got my fingers crossed for each and every one of them.

...Click the pic for the latest tropical report.

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