Are We Misunderestimating Ourselves?

Bill Cosby caused shock-waves throughout the black community recently. He was speaking about black youths, saying they're "cursing and calling each other niggers as they're walking up and down the street. They think they're hip. They can't read; they can't write. They're laughing and giggling, and they're going nowhere."

In debates about Cosby's words, the phrase 'acting white' came up a lot. It is said there's a perception among black students that studying and working hard in school is 'acting white.'

And, of course, the white community hears such talk and collectively shakes it's head, viewing such warped ideas as foreign. Cosby was aware his words could fuel racism among whites. "Let them talk" he said.

Well, we have plenty to talk about - but we should face a mirror before we begin, because it appears to me that we're intentionally holding ourselves back as well.

It's a mere 79 days before the election to decide who will be President of The United States of America come January, and at last count, the race is a tie between a draft dodging dummy and an intellectual war hero.

OK, "dummy" might be going a bit overboard - but one of these men was wounded serving our nation in combat whereas the other gets wounded simply riding his bicycle.


Let's be honest - I didn't even have to show you the pictures, did I? Of course not. You knew who was who in the above example without me pointing it out.

One of these men has a 91 IQ. As proof of how not-smart this man is, I don't even have to tell you who I'm referring to. You already know.

I'm not simply suggesting he isn't bright when compared to his opponent. I'm pointing out that he's not bright when compared to presidents in general.

The following are IQs of relatively recent presidents:

147 Franklin D. Roosevelt
132 Harry Truman
122 Dwight D. Eisenhower
174 John F. Kennedy
126 Lyndon B. Johnson
155 Richard M. Nixon
121 Gerald Ford
175 James E. Carter
105 Ronald Reagan
098 George H. W. Bush
182 William J. Clinton
091 George W. Bush

Debate the numbers or the validity of IQs if you like, but there's no question regarding dubya's difficulty commanding the English language.

So then, why is it that so many of us look the other way when he mistakenly says his administration is seeking out new ways of harming us?

Seriously - I'd like to know why.

Ronald MacDonald need not be an intellectual, but I should hope the president of the United States is one. And yet, our current president has a vocabulary of just 6,500 words, in comparison to the average of 11,000 word vocabulary of other presidents. And no, 'misunderestimated,' 'subliminable,' and 'strategery' don't count.

I'm confused. Does he mean he takes responsibility for everything he thinks he says? Or does he mean that he takes responsibility for the things people later tell him he really said? Isn't it sad that there is a difference?

Inexplicably - it doesn't even matter because he might actually win a presidential election [as opposed to his current 'appointment'].

What do the answers to these questions say about US?

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Me! said:

Well damn. Two thoughts:

First - I've never had a problem admitting I was wrong. In this case - I was. I still believe Bush isn't the most intelligent of men (let alone presidents). In fact, I really don't think anyone would dispute that, however, the study in question was a fake. There was no study determining his IQ to be 91. This means it possibly could be lower.

Second - Someone sent a comment today with a link documenting the hoax. I accidentally deleted the comment before even following the link. I actually got two comments today - one was just a crazy link that led to a porn ad. DELETE! The other was just a link, so I deleted it as well - except that the second link was quite useful as it showed the presidential IQ thing to be a hoax.

So, if you're the one who sent me the hoax link, I say thanks! But next time, please say hello too... I didn't mean to delete you :)


Glad I saved the link though. Here it is:


And an excerpt: "As obvious as this joke was, at least two publications were taken in by it: The [London] Guardian and the New Zealand Southland Times. Both ran the "Presidential I.Q." tale as a factual item (on 19 July and 7 August 2001 respectively). The Associated Press publicized The Guardian's error on 12 August, moving The Guardian to post a retraction on 14 August, and U.S. News & World Report clearly reported the I.Q. item as a hoax on 20 August, 2001.

Gary Trudeau's 26 August 2001 Doonesbury comic strip features an invisible George W. Bush being told about his ranking on the presidential I.Q. ladder by an underling. (This strip appeared on the Doonesbury web site on 2 September 2001)."

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