An Interesting Anniversary Missed

August 13th passed by completely unnoticed. That could be a sign I've got my life headed in the right direction, or it could simply be that I had better things to think about this past friday - pondering new beginnings rather than endings.

For me, August 13th is about celebrating new beginnings. After all, it was two years ago on August 13th that I gave up a rewarding career in radio so I could focus on my own life.

A colleague once told me "Rob, when radio is good, it's the best - and there's nothing else like it. But when radio is bad, it's the worst - and there's nothing else like it."

So true.

Radio had taken me into the leading side of Hurricane Erin, led to the demise of relationships, and it brought me to fascinating places - working at ten stations in five states and seven cities. The experience was as wonderful as it was miserable. It was rewarding in ways I'd never imagined, but the time to move on came when I realized radio was standing between me and that which is most important to me...

...I want a home.

I'm not talking about a house. I'm talking about walking on that tacky aqua-colored carpet when landing at the PDX airport and the first glimpse of the KOIN and Wells Fargo towers when approaching downtown. I'm talking about The Hawthorne Bridge, a pint of Terminator Stout, The Saturday Market, Keller Fountain, a movie at the Kennedy School, the sight of Mount Hood on a clear day & the smell of the rain in winter. I'm talking about marion berry cobbler, flying kites at the coast & walking to Trader Joe's to pick up a bottle of wine.

How do you describe 'home'? It's more a feeling than a place. In fact, sometimes it's not a place at all. Sometimes it's a person, and I want that too.

August 13th, 2002, is the day I closed the door on my radio career and moved to Portland to start a new life. And I did. I found a super-cool condo to rent, made wonderful new friends, and have only begun to discover the beauty of life here. Portland, she is a magnificent place. She is a city to share, which is precisely what I was doing this past friday (August 13th). You might even say I was taking my own advice.

Maybe it's ok that I forgot to reflect on the importance of August 13th this year... because maybe I've found home.

That's what matters.

above: my living room at dusk.
below: ahhhh, Portland in winter.

left - the South Park blocks in autumn
right - Multnomah Falls in early spring

below: the Oregon coast under a summer sunset

I'm home.

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