Sisyphus & Me, For Eternity

I was headed to The Lucky Lab last night with a friend, when all of a sudden, she smiled with the biggest silly grin I'd ever seen. Her grin was so huge that - for a brief moment - I worried the top half of her head would lack proper support from the bottom, leaving both halves in serious risk of collapse. Since she was driving, the last thing I wanted was for the part of her head that was watching the road to flop off.

The radio had been playing so softly in the background that I hadn't noticed it... but SHE noticed. Suddenly, her car was filled beyond capacity with the sound of "How Will I Know" by Whitney Houston, and her grin had turned into a 80's pop megaphone.

Had I died and gone to hell? Sisyphus was condemned to spend eternity pushing a rock uphill, and I'll probably spend mine in the passenger seat of a car, searching for place to park while listening to Whitney Houston at top volume... except that in hell, the driver won't be belting out Whitney because it's funny.

Listening to Whitney Houston - at any volume - is bad enough... but imagine the horror of getting that melody stuck in your head. ...and since I don't know the words [a fact I'm quite proud to admit], in my head, it sounds like this:

"How will I know, blahBLA-ba-ba-blah, BLAH BLAH!
I some-thing something, blah blah some-thing blah blah.
How will I know - bee ba, boo boo, blah blah, BLAH!! BLAH!!!!!
I some-thing else, and something blah ba ba blah, how will I KNOW?!?!!!"

Why does Whitney scream more in her songs than the guy from Metallica does in his? That's odd - but I digress...

We walked into the Lucky Lab & her grin returned in full force as she spotted her boyfriend. This time, her grin was less silly and more meaningful. It was beautiful in fact.

It's wonderful to see someone you care about glow. She's in love, and I couldn't be happier for her.

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