Not Somebody Else's Problem

I've always wanted to know...

Would it do you any good to hunt with an UZI? Aside from hunting a fellow human being, does this weapon serve any practical purpose?

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had a grenade launcher with a bayonet mount?

Do we really need semi-automatic machine guns to be legal and readily available for the common thug or gang member to buy at a gun show?

These are just a few examples of the types of assault weapons banned in 1994 under the National Assault Weapons Ban. That ban expires at the end of this summer, and since there's money to be made in arming criminals and assisting gang violence, you can only imagine the amount of pressure to NOT have the assault weapons ban renewed for another ten years. After all, isn't it a good thing to put a weapon unloading 50 bullets in under five seconds in the hands of the new breed of Hispanic gangs that are sweeping the country - including those right here in Portland?

These are not somebody else's problems anymore.

Please sign Tom's petition to renew the National Assault Weapons Ban.

Who is Tom? Tom is father to Daniel Mauser, one of 13 people killed by two students during the Columbine High School massacre on April 20th, 1999.

C'mon... it's quick and easy to do - and it's not like I ever ask you to do anything... but this is a good thing. I thank you in advance :)

"It makes no sense for assault weapons to be around our society" - George W. Bush

He said this while campaigning for the presidency. He also promised to renew the ban in 2004 - but golly gee, here we are in 2004 and he wants the ban to expire. Time will tell what his word is worth.

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