Misplaced Patriotism & Blue Dress Politics

This is an American era that I fear history will not look kindly upon. We are inspiring more terrorism than we are preventing. We are watching the temperature of the globe rise while fighting a war over the very oil that contributes to global warming. And worst of all, we are mistaking fanaticism and extremism for patriotism.

It angers me to see people using patriotism as a political tool, when the message they're peddling has nothing to do with being a patriot.

Patriotism doesn't mean agreeing with the current administration because you're a republican. Do you think Germans who followed Hitler in WWII weren't patriotic? They certainly thought they were, though their patriotism was misplaced.

A true PATRIOT is someone who stands up for his country when it is right and speaks out against it when it is wrong. A true patriot loves his or her country and wants what's best for it, regardless of political party affiliation. Agreeing with Bush because you're a republican doesn't make you a patriot. It makes you a sheep.

It angers me even more to see politicians using patriotism as a tool for manipulating the public. There is absolutely nothing patriotic about The U.S.A. Patriot Act, but could politicians really have voted for a "Kiss Your Civil Liberties Goodbye Act"?

Yes, yes, it needed a patriotic name!

But what's so "patriotic" about our government giving itself authority to wiretap our phones without a warrant? That's just one of the many frightening items in the so called "Patriot" act, which reminds us that terrorists aren't the only thing to fear these days.

I can't help thinking the current administration needs more interns, because it seems like these days... well...

The above image comes courtesy of "Rox Populi - a discussion of politics, art, culture and language."

Here's an excerpt from a favorite of mine from their site:
Anti-Bush Haiku
Don't you get it, fool?
We all wear the blue dress now.
So, grab your ankles.

The Anti-Bush Haiku Project can be found here


And, last but not least, I'd recommend reading what god has to say.

Here's a summary:

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Lynn said:

It's funny that you use a Serta sheep photo when commenting on patriotism and extremism. Have you seen the recent commercial where the sheep attack one of their own for enjoying the comforts of a Serta mattress? With eyes narrowed they label him a traitor and throw him out the window.

::::: | July 15, 2004 11:55 PM

Me! said:

I have to admit, I like that ad - but I'm more of an Aflac Duck kind of guy really... The synchronized swimming commercial cracks me UP!

::::: | July 16, 2004 12:06 AM

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