Getting To Know The Bush Twins - A Pictorial

This past week, the Bush Twins made the leap from private citizens to public figures in an effort to 'soften' the image of their father, George W, during his re-election campaign.

I thought I'd help you to familiarize yourself with them through the following pictorial:

Barbara Bush was named after her grandmother, who is also our former first lady.

Jenna Bush shares her first name with the skank from Survivor.

Jenna from Survivor got naked for Playboy. Meanwhile, Jenna Bush's twin sister Barbara preferred to get naked for passers-by at a frat party at Yale. (Larry Flynt is offering a ten million dollar reward for the video tape shot at said party, though I suspect someone from the G.O.P. beat him to it)

This might help to explain why the Bush twins don't like the press.

They do, however, really like their cigarettes and alcohol. Lots of alcohol.

Barbara, in particular, is wise enough to know that fake IDs are required in order for underage drinkers to be served.

While these young women were being served lots of alcohol, their father was having young men serve elsewhere.

That's a shame.

However, their cousin Noelle WAS serving.

Yes indeed.

While the underage Bush twins were using their fake IDs to get served lots of alcohol, their cousin Noelle was serving time for getting busted with crack cocaine. Noelle has served several times. Served time - several times, that is.

A Pictorial Recap:

A Closing Thought:

If you want to be elected preident, it is best to get your cocaine in the standard powder form.

::::: | Wednesday, Jul 21 2004 at 11:03 PM
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Jason M. Keller said:

The Bush Twins are hot but their cousin is not.

::::: | February 2, 2005 4:59 AM

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