Contemplating Karma

Years ago, a friend criticized me for not asking for help when I needed it. The help in question was that I needed someone to feed my cats while I was out of town. I was living in Dallas Texas at the time. Well of course I did ask her to feed my boys because I desperately needed someone to do it. I felt guilty asking because I never got opportunities to do anything for her.

She told me that the opportunity to help a friend was an opportunity to help herself. "It's karma Rob. What goes around comes around, and it feels good to spread good stuff around."

I've taken that motto on as my own. These days, I cat sit for a few different people - but suddenly I find myself in an interesting situation where those who's cats I take care of might not appreciate the favors being bestowed on them.

For the sake of karma - does it matter if the recipients of goodwill are appreciative? If not, why does it bother me? Is it because I have nothing better to do than to ponder such things?

I'll have to think about it.

...or not.

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