When Thoughts Escape

I've got a weird head. It's not so much the shape - rather, the weirdness is in the contents: the thoughts, ideas, concepts and queries. I'm well aware that strange stuff goes on in here, but I keep most of it to myself.

Every now and then, words escape. They sneak their way towards the lower part of my brain, swirling into the top of my throat - avoiding the tonsils, around the tongue, past the teeth when they spot a clearing - and then wheeeeee!!! They've broken free & there's no getting 'em back. Sometimes I'll watch them fly out of my mouth as my brain starts screaming "Damage control! Damage Control!" But by then it's too late.

Last week, when I bought a plastic cereal container at Storables & talked about dumping in two kinds of cereal at the same time, side by side, so they'd pour out looking somewhat Aquafresh-esque...? Right. That thought would have been best kept to myself.

[fyi: it doesn't work]

It's far worse when my escapee words inspire someone else's best-kept-secret-thoughts to break free too.

I cracked a joke tonight about how, years ago, my father and uncles would watch Hee-Haw... I'm about to say that even at age eight I thought the show was ignorant as friend chimes in: "When I was a kid I thought that show was cool!"

I then watched her realize she's never getting those words back.

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