My Leap Year Won't Leap

Ahhh leap year. We're supposed to get 366 days this year, and I suspect that YOU will, but I'm stuck with the standard 365 thanks to a computer problem. June 25th got wiped right off my calendar with a giant whooshing sound that ended with a THUD and just a hint of a splat.

Background info: I bought myself a new Mac in December 2002. Dual processors, two 80 gig hard drives, a gig and a half of RAM, etc etc etc. It's a beast. The thing has been rock solid since the day I got it. I've had maybe three crashes total... until Tuesday.

Tuesday was the day my Mac experienced crash #4. Hhhmmmm... Hey, it happens - even to a Mac. 4 crashes in 19 months is pretty good, so I wasn't about to complain.


I had another crash on Wednesday. And then another. Hhhmmmm...

By Thursday, I was noticing all sorts of weirdness. More crashes, corrupted files here & there... and what's up with the green characters showing up in menus and text?

That's officially bizarre.

By today, however, it was hopeless. Crash crash crash. I finally gave in & called Apple tech support at 1-800-S.O.S. Apple. A half hour or so later, we'd gone through a series of tests & blah blah blah long story short, I have to tear apart my computer and remove more of the innards than I care to.


Well, it's all back together now, and everything seems to be A-OK. Looks like a PCI card I haven't used since the day I popped it in there was the culprit. I don't understand how an unused SCSI card could cause a problem - but I don't care. I'm just glad to be back up and running.

I learned a valuable lesson here: I rely way too much on my computer! The idea of a day without it had me at wits end... It felt as if I were stranded! I'd look out my windows and see people - but I couldn't email them. If someone called on the phone, I couldn't IM them to pass along a link. I had to READ IT out loud - letter by letter! What is this, the STONE AGE? Why not just chisel the hyperlink on a stone tablet and carry it to them instead! I've got a really funny radio station promo sitting here, but I couldn't stream it to anyone!


Thank god I'm not one of those guys addicted to online porn. I'd have been forced to look at an actual naked woman instead - if I had one of those around [preferably a cute one who might enjoy a comfy couch with a hunger for literature]

OK ok ok... I'm shutting up now :)

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