Carole Coleman, How I Adore You

I went on a date last year with a woman from Ireland. We went to a pub and had a great conversation over drinks. Her accent was infectious! It was almost a guilty pleasure... I wanted to close my eyes, lean back, and just listen to her. Tell me about world injustices! Yes! Yes! My president is a moron - yes yes! Curse again! Ooooh how sexy... I knew nothing wa to become of that evening, but I still had a marvelous time.

Fast forward to today... I stumbled onto a link that took me back to thoughts of that tall booth in the pub where she and I sat and talked. The link leads to a realaudio feed of an interview by Carole Coleman, of Ireland's RTE News. She was interviewing president Bush.

In many respects, this interview is downright hilarious. The interviewer is clearly more intelligent than the interviewee. The tactics of the interviewee are juvenile at best. Questions are never really answered - it's more a game of conversational dodgeball, and dubya is determined that nobody makes him bleed his own blood.

The problem, of course, is that it's not hilarious. This man is our president, and he is an embarrassment to us all.

Here's a realaudio link to the interview. The realaudio feed takes forever to laod - but it's so worth watching.

My favorite quote: Bush: "My job is to do my job" Really? And what is that job that your job is to do?

P.S. to Carole Coleman: I think I love you! [wink!]

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