The O'Nader Factor

OH Nader! Why the hell is he in the presidential race? Surely it is a matter of his ego more than his beliefs. He has become the ultimate de-facto Republican really. He got Bush elected by splintering the common sense vote in 2000, and with Kerry and Bush in a virtual dead heat, he could possibly do it again in 2004.

Ralph Nader has so much power yet he chooses to waste it. He can't win. I'm sure even HE is aware of that. But imagine what would happen if he were to endorse a major candidate and spend his time campaigning for that person rather than pointlessly campaigning for himself. He could make a difference.

As the Bush team spews lie after lie after lie, Nader could battle those, leaving Kerry the chance to stay positive and on topic. Also, it's safe to assume that at LEAST 80% of the Nader Voters would go to Kerry, thus not splitting up the vote as happened in 2000.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's a clear sign of the apocalypse. The election is irrelevant.

The real issue tomes down to electability. It's not about who you want to vote for... it's about which candidate with a reasonable possibility of winning you prefer.

It is sad that so many of us (myself included) are looking for electibility in a candidate rather than looking at the issues. It happens every now and then when we have a president in office whom so many despise. If I vote by my heart, I would have to vote for Governor Dean. Even if Dean were still in the race, he cannot reasonably beat Bush, thus I'd be helping Bush by not giving a vote to the candidate who might actually be able to beat him. No thanks.

It's a math problem, so you have to look at it mathematically. The person with the most electoral votes wins. If you aren't voting for a candidate who has a reasonable chance of winning your state, your vote is irrelevant. Want proof?

How many people voted for Mickey Mouse in the last election? Don't laugh. Many actually did. It happens every election.

Again, the person with the most electoral votes wins. Thus, if you are going to vote for a candidate who will only come in third, your vote was wasted because those 3'rd party votes could have tilted the balance if they swayed in favor of one of the two leading candidates instead. So, it's wise to look at those in the lead and ask yourself which you prefer. Bush/Kerry/Dean, I prefer Dean - but the race is really Bush/Kerry. In that case, I prefer Kerry. If the contest were Bush verses Mickey Mouse, you bet your ass I'd be walking out of the voting booth sporting a big ol' set of ears.

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