The Evening Ritual

The sun had long set before he laid down for a good night's sleep. Why does he always put off sleep as if there is something else that must be done? Whatever it is - it can wait.

The world is as dark as can be expected in a room so filled with windows allowing the light of the city to shine in - though tonight it's more of a glow thanks to the gloom of the rain outside.

He enjoys the gloom, recalling days in Florida and Texas when a cloudy day was something to celebrate - a special occasion during which no hat need be worn to protect his eyes from the harsh summer sun. Southern summers seemed to last for an eternity and a half.

Lost in thoughts of endless Texas summers and how much simpler and happier he is these days, he didn't even notice as Simon joined him in bed. Simon's head now resting on his shoulder, and the moment is perfect.

His ex-girlfriend in Texas would used to lie her head on his shoulder. It would have been wonderful if not for the fight that always preceded it. The fights were mindless... she enjoyed drama for the sake of drama. Pointless and frustrating. "Why did I always have to put up with her silly fights?" The answer is that he allowed himself to put up with her fights - thus he had to put up with her fights. Funny how that works.

Actually, it's sad.

There's no sadness tonight though. Tonight, it's Simon who's head lies on his shoulder. He runs his hand down Simon's back. Simon responds by purring, his whiskers bobbing up and down ever so slightly while his tail rises tall and then curls between the two of them as they both drift off to sleep.

Friday will be here soon enough. In the meantime, this is bliss.

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