Now Arriving In Milan, New Hampshire

It seems that all of my friends are traveling abroad these days. While I have no doubt that they'll each have a marvelous time, I suspect that Jessie will have the strangest adventures. She's definitely off to an odd start.

Jessie left two days ago for a month-long trip to Europe. She bought a ticket to fly from Portland to Milan... It seems that 'somehow' she got booked on a flight leaving Portland Maine rather than Portland OREGON.


Funny how they got the state right in the billing adress... Hhhmmmm... Regardless, Jess didn't realize the mistake until a few minutes before leaving for the airport.


She didn't mention whether or not she arrived in the right Milan though...




Hey - one never knows. I've been near this one & I've gotta tell you - they might have well have been speaking in Italian because I couldn't understand a word!

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