I guess that yesterday's rambling about favorite quotes from the movie High Fidelity inspired today's rambling...

In that movie, Jack Black's character "Barry" introduced his band by saying:

"We're no longer called Sonic Death Monkey. We're on the verge of becoming Kathleen Turner Overdrive, but just for tonight, we are Barry Jive and his Uptown Five."

I can't mock bizarre band names because I own 2 - that's right TWO - albums by The Pooh Sticks. Hey hey hey, "Million Seller" has some great songs on it, & "The Great White Wonder" is worth having for the marvelously-Kinks-esque tune "Pandora's Box". They've got a 70's-pop sound to their 90's rock that's sometimes so sickeningly sweet I can't help but like it.

And by the way, how much 'poo' is in YOUR music library?

Right. Moving on...

Here's a list of more or less equally odd band names. Every one is real. If you feel the need to buy any of their... uhh.... "music", you can find it here. I'm told the Witchy Poo "Pitching Woo" record rocks, but that's more Woo Poo than I'll do. Even for you :)

...ok, here's the list:

And finally - in closing - as if you've really scrolled down this far - I give you the words to 'Million Seller', by The Pooh Sticks:

Though she knows when it's done
I'll be somewhere not at home
She never causes a fight
Gonna write a million seller tonight
If the tune strikes a chord
And people know every word
Might as well say goodbye when I tell her
Gonna write a million seller

And when it's a hit she knows
I'll be singing for her
Though she won't be there to see
She's always with me
Always with me

Hey! That's actually pretty sad... He wants to write a hit and then bolt when the money rolls in? Poo on you boddy! Poo on you!

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