What Do You DO?

Let's say that you and I are perfect strangers, meeting. What's the first question you'd ask? Probably my name.

"I'm Rob... nice to meet you."
"...nice to meet you too" you say, because it IS nice to meet me dammit. I'm swell :)

What do you think your next question would be?
"What do you do?"

And that's the point where things get sticky. "I sip merlot late at night and write silly things for friends & strangers to read on the internet." Uhm... no. That's not what you're looking for at all.

Why do we define ourselves by our jobs?

Life was so simple when we were kids. Expectations were low. It was bliss! [actually it sucked - but I'm trying to make a point here]

What do I do? The progression went a little something like this:
Age none: "goo goo gaga spitup." [baby-speak for I eat, poop & cry alot]
Age three: "I throw tantrums"
Age eight: "I go to school."
Age sixteen: "I have a part-time job after school."
Age seventeen: "I'm a foreign exchange student." [said in spanish]
Age twenty: "I'm majoring in communications in college."
Age twenty three: "I'm a dj on the radio."
Age twenty six: "I'm the Creative Services Director at 104 KRBE."
Age twenty eight: "I do creative services for a cluster of radio stations."
Age thirty: "Well... I used to work in radio... maybe I still do... or 'will' anyway... I saved up a lot of money and I'm living off of it while I figure out what comes next."

As luck would have it - bad luck that is - 9/11 came next, and my answer quickly became "I'm Fucked." That was more of a what-I-am rather than what-I-do, but it was the only answer I had at the time. September 11th helped me to leave radio behind because jobs were suddenly nonexistent. I was out of work, and everybody was under a hiring freeze and letting go of anyone they could.

I started freelancing as the money ran out, and two years later, here I am... still searching for what it is that I do.

Today I worked on a client's website, produced some audio, wrote a few promo scripts, and did a session with a voicetalent - coaching him through how I wanted the scripts read... but it doesn't feel like that's what I 'do'. It's just what I do now.

What do you do feels more like a sense of purpose question for which I currently have no answer.


What do YOU do?

::::: | Thursday, Apr 29 2004 at 12:22 AM
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josie said:

'allo, my friend! I provide freedom and independence to people with limited mobility. How have you been??

::::: | April 30, 2004 8:09 PM

Rob said:

Haaa!!! Are you "THE" Josie? As if there could be any other.


Glad you found the new site!

::::: | April 30, 2004 8:13 PM

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