That's Just Nutty (or not)

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. People CRACK ME UP!!! They really do. There are times when I'm dying to walk up to someone and ask "are you acting like that for my benefit? ...to amuse me? ...because you sure are & I guess I say thanks for the laugh... but if you're actually acting like that on purpose... welll..."

The internet brings people-watching and human stupidity to an astoundingly far reaching new plain - which is beautiful in a glutton-for-punishment sort of way. Peeking into an argument on the net is a lot like passing by a car crash. You don't want to look... but you do anyway!

A woman sitting in a Starbucks watches a father & son walk in. Dad orders some over-the-top coffee drink for himself, but when the kid asks for some orange juice, dad says he's out of money.


Yet, on the internet, hidden under a cloak of anonymity, some idiot blames the woman for pointing it out & let the dad off the hook for being a piss-poor-parent.

Ahhhhh, behold the power of the internet! Craigslist is always fun for that sort of crap. I got sucked in today when some woman started complaining about how some guy had pretty much used her for [as she put it] a dial-a-fuck. I guess she never agreed to the standard fuck-buddy agreement.

I'm such a sucker for these sorts of conversations... "All men suck all men suck all men suck." Well you know what? I've got a theory that many [not all] women in their late 20's/early 30's are actually afraid of a good thing. Maybe by that point in their lives, they've been screwed over by somebody & thus keep men at a distance for fear of getting hurt again. It's easy to get a woman into your bed... I mean, really - we're all human. We all enjoy physical pleasures. But to get a woman to let you into her heart takes an act of congress! And I'm not talking about a let's-attack-another-country act of congress where they all cry foul later...

I foolishly replied to the all-men-suck rant with my rant suggesting that maybe I'm not enough of an ass.

I understand not wanting to get hurt... but to possibly deny yourself happiness due to fear...? That's just nutty. Actually, it's sad - and I see so many women do it.

The truth of the matter is that it's hard. Life is hard. Work is hard. And love is hard when it doesn't work out. But damn... even the worst of times during & after a breakup don't negate the beauty of the time spent IN love. That perfect feeling of bliss... the power of the moment when two people connect so deeply. It doesn't even have to be sexual. I had a first date with a woman once that was off-the-charts amazing. It didn't work out in the end due to some previous guy she wasn't over yet, but that makes the actual evening we spent together no less beautiful. And who knows... maybe someday...?

But the point is that there's nothing like the feel of something new... and it's been my experience that the something new can grow into something wondrous as excitement of the new evolves into excitement that comes with letting down of one's guard. Sad that too many people let the what-if and worry-of-maybe get in the way of the possibilities of the what-could-be.

So sad.

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amy said:

Jonatha Brooke is playing here soon. Interested?

::::: | May 10, 2007 2:13 AM

Aimless said:

Oops! Can you not approve my comment with my email address as my name. I don't need anymore spam.

God, I'm an idiot. :)

Hope you're well. We have to meet up sometime.

Love, Amy

::::: | May 10, 2007 2:15 AM

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