Sad Potato Has Sexual Side Effects

Have you seen the Zoloft commercial? I swear to god they're running that thing every hour on TV. It's the ad with the sad potato... He floats along on the screen with a storm cloud over his head - to indicate the problems in his life I suppose. In case you've forgotten about him, he's at the bottom of the Zoloft website.

I love their slogan: "When you know more about what's wrong, you can help make it right."

Well HELLO!!! I'll tell you what's wrong... he's a freaking POTATO. And you want to make matters worse by doping him up & giving him sexual problems!

"Side effects may include the following: upset stomach, trouble sleeping, diarrhea, dry mouth, sexual side effects, feeling sleepy or tired, tremor, indigestion, sweating, feeling agitated, and having less appetite."

I don't get this ad campaign at all... If I were a potato, I'd be depressed too! Think about it... the highlight of a potato's life is probably the brief time spent in 5 & 10 pound bags frolicking with the other potatoes in an orgy-like love-fest at the store - after the lights go out of course [and they think we don't know] But when you factor in the "sexual side effects" that the commercial tells us are possible, you end up with an even sadder potato who's gettin' no potato lovin' that night.

Oh sad, sad, SAD potato.

I at least hope the potato lives in Canada. Otherwise, he's got a limp-potato-doodad AND he was overcharged too. Ouch.

When did the drug companies start listing every possible side-effect of a medication in their TV ads, and WHY? Was some sort of law passed that forces them to do this? ...something similar to the law that one that causes us to see a soft-spoken yet proud shrubya saying "I'm George W Bush and I approve this message", followed by big-nasty-voice spouting out half-truths and misinformation about John Kerry.

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Tara said:

Here's the deal with the prescription ads. According to my pharmacist friend...pharma companies, by law, have to mention ALL major side effects in their commercials if they mention the drug name. If, however, they don't mention the drug name, then they don't have to mention the side effects. This is they we have those freaky commercials that have someone dancing around on a mountain-top with the cut-in voice saying "Ask your doctor if Levitra is right for you."

As far as Dubya saying "This is me and I approve this ad." Based on a bi-partisan law passed in 2002 (I believe, but could be wrong--it's happened before :) ), all political ads must include this approval statement. It has to do with political ad campaign funding misappropriations or something. So there you have it....

::::: | April 28, 2004 11:09 AM

mandedah said:

I don't think of it as a potato, I think he's more like The Big O. No, not that Big O! I refer to the delightful book, "The Missing Piece Meets the Big O" by Shel Silverstein.


::::: | April 28, 2004 11:59 AM

Rob said:

You say "The Missing Piece Meets The Big O" and yet it's not THAT big O!?


What a title... but anyhoo...

I know that little oblong bugger isn't supposed to be a potato [or potatoe as Dan Quayle would say], but it sure does LOOK like a potato to me.

Personally, I prefer yams, as they tend to be more chipper. I mean, really... when was the last time you saw anything looking like a yam pimping prescription drugs?


::::: | April 28, 2004 1:12 PM

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