Hands Down, Oregon Has The Best Days

Wow am I in a wonderful mood! It's Thursday afternoon & clouds have returned to Portland skies. The temperature is in the low to mid 50's & it fluctuates wildly as the sun pops out for a few moments before it slips behind the thick cloud cover again. We might have rain one minute and sunshine the next.

This crazy weather is one of many reasons why I KNEW I'd find a home in Oregon. It's the sort of thing you either love or hate - and I love it. Bring me clouds, bring me rain, and bring me someone spectacular to share it all with.

I used to get excited by thunderstorms when I lived in Texas... I had a fun apartment on the 19th story of a high rise called The Manor House - a building which was an overachiever in regard to ugliness. But don't take my word for it. The building was great in all regards except for appearance. It may have been butt-ugly on the outside, but it had a grocery store on the 5th floor, a bank on the second, a pool on the 25th... and every apartment had a huge balcony. Whenever skies turned gray, I couldn't wait to go home and open all of the windows to let the gloom shine in! How could I NOT have known that I was destined to return to Portland?

And as odd as this may sound, it's true: when the skies turn gray, I turn into a romantic sap. Watching the sun set with someone is sweet. Watching it RISE with someone who's been with me during the night is marvelous! And when there's no sun to be seen... when the clouds obscure the sun & sky, and rain makes clothing soggy... while water drips off of fingers that refuse to let the rain get in the way of holding hands... well, Oregon is THE place for people who can find beauty in a moment like that.

So, I've certainly found an abundance of potential moments... [grin] ...and time will tell the story of what becomes of them. I know that nothing will become of the moments in this day though, because I lack the proper company for the sharing... but I'll walk with a song in my step anyway because there's always tomorrow...

That's the beauty of a new day... it's why I prefer sunrises over sunsets. One never knows what possibilities await.

One never knows.

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