Ahhhhhhhh- Choooooooooo!!!!!

Sniff sniff dribble dribble cough wheeeeeeeeeeezze!

God I hate being sick. I say that as if there are people out there who love being ill - which of course I know there are not. But still...

I'm a firm believer that the two genders are not the same. People have a fear of admitting differences as if acknowledging them means one gender must be superior to the other. I'm a man, therefore I am better than a woman yeah right whatever shut the hell up and sit down. But there are people who believe such things. The same is true of different races and ethnicities. Is it human nature to look at such differences in search of supremacy? I find it sad that organizations like the KKK even exist. We all bring different traits, characteristics, skills, talents, ideas, perspectives and more to the human race. The differences should be celebrated rather than denied.

One difference - in my humble opinion - is that women tend to have a higher tolerance to pain, illness and discomfort than men do. I mean, really... hello! Childbirth! After one experience of morning sickness, a man would say fuggit!!! And what about the whole bleeding/cramps/etc once a month thing. Whoo! I've got no problem admitting I couldn't handle that. All I have is a frigging cold, but I've managed to turn into a five year old all over again.

I've spent the last two days lurched on the couch wrapped in my favorite blanket - a Peruvian wool blanket I once used while hitch-hiking my way across Bolivia. It's the ultimate South American traveler's companion. Let's see a five-year-old's blankie compare with THAT! [hhhmmmpth!]

The first thing I do when sick is hide. I don't want to see anybody - don't want to talk to anybody - and I absolutely do NOT want to be SEEN by anybody! This is of course when old friends come out of the woodwork.

Brandon: "Man, you sound like shit." Thanks man. That's comforting.

Travis: "njvdkdflgbhdklbdc jjbvfscnjcjfb hbffhkgcm gh hg v cjkhv n bjfncfghcngzvv." Whoa. You're talking way too fast & my brain can't keep up.

Jen: "Here's a fascinating thought..." I've thought up at least fifteen responses but can't get a single one from my brain to my mouth. To be honest, I'm not even sure it was really fifteen responses because everything after the second was a blurrrrrr...

Tucker [my cat]: "dude you smell funny." Yeah but I have opposable thumbs so shut up.

Oh well... I'm sure I'll start feeling better soon. If not, I guess I'll try making everybody else sick in hopes of leveling the field. Meanwhile, it's about time I haul my sneezy ass into the shower. Well ok, it's not really my ass that's sneezy...

Ahhh CHOOO OOOFD ghjfkhdghrb thcfghjmlj rffgj crap...

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