I am suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a glutton for punishment. It's the overachiever in me... I'm sitting here typing this post in a software package called "Movable Type", and I have no idea what I'm doing. Then again, assuming that you're reading this, I guess I figured it out at least a little...

The initial idea last month was to start a blog. "I already have a website... I'll just make a blog page over there." ...but robsdemo.com is really intended to be more of a professional site... a career site... a way to market my radio work and web design.

"Well, maybe I'll buy a new domain name & take all of the personal stuff off of robsdemo." That might not sound like a lot of work - but believe me, it was.

Then I signed up for an account on Blogger. This meant learning a lot of html FAST! Many mistakes were made, and much of my hair was pulled out. Ouch ouch Ouch ouch.

As the weeks went by, I had fun telling stories about cows and board games and who knows what else... I also started glancing at other people's blogs from time to time - and I spotted a lot of cool stuff.

...this one's fun to read... that one posts music files ...this one looks really good... that one has fascinating functionality! So does this one! And that one over there!


Once I started spotting fun things to do with a blog - such as calendars and categories, comments and a gagillion other things that I absolutely do - not - need... well... like a little kid in the mall who spotted a new shiny thing, the result was obvious:

"Ooh Ooh! Must - Have - Newshinything newshinything!!! Ooh Ooh!"

Keep in mind that I need a better blog-hosting system [the 'new shiny thing' in question] like a little kid needs pop-rocks & pepsi. But that's not the point.

It never is.

So, now I'm sitting here, pulling out even more of my hair while trying to figure out how to make this new system work. And like a little kid with a newshinything, I've already abandoned my previous-shiny-thing [blogger]. I've already exported all of my posts out of Blogger - not that I'll have a frigging clue what to do with them or how to import them into Movable Type... but again, that's not the point.

The point is that I have a new-shiny-thing, thus I am cool.

Or something like that. Maybe the point is that I've found a new way to amuse myself... which really means I've found a new way to frustrate myself.

Wish me luck either way!

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