You, My Love, Are Chicago In The Spring

I spent three years living in Dallas Texas, and I can't honestly say that I enjoyed a single day of it. Oh sure, I had good days and bad - but DALLAS never had a damn thing to do with my good days, though it was often directly responsible for the bad. Urban sprawl isn't my thing - not to mention months of temps in triple digits.

I went to dinner the other night with Jessie. She's an ex girlfriend who these days is a best friend. We went to a Thai place near me called The Green Papaya, and I was surprised to find that they had Shiner Bock on their beer list. Shiner is 'THE' beer in Texas, and it's actually quite good. If you like Fat Tire, you'll enjoy Shiner because it's quite similar - but much richer.

As I sipped my Shiner over dinner, I kept finding myself becoming combative! I felt defensive, even trapped at times. Instead of my silly self, I was becoming bitter. It was hilarious! Later, I realized that the taste of Shiner Bock was taking my mind back to my time in Texas. Funny how responsive I can be to tastes and smells.

It doesn't take much to send me back to that terrible time in my life.

By sheer coincidence, I received an email that same night from an old friend, telling me she was dying to move to Dallas. I went a little over the top with my reply, but hopefully, I made my point.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Dallas is a big lonely place filled with suburb people who don't want to be there or be anywhere. They lead fake plastic lives seen through fake plastic eyes. My god, you can spot them from miles away - which is the only way to spot them most of the time, because Dallas is about being apart rather than being together. The many highways built to get you the hell out of there in a moments notice - except that everyone is trying to get out so often times no one gets anywhere.

You are not Dallas.

You, my dear, are New York. You are Seattle. You are San Francisco. You are Portland Maine - or Portland Oregon for that matter. You might be Providence or Boston, but you are surely not Dallas. You are not Houston. Not Phoenix. These are cities for people who have no need for people. You might be Austin, but you are surely not Dallas.

You, my love, are Chicago in the spring. Its lakeshore begging for company and its museums with so much to show gazing eyes. You are a cafe on Michigan Avenue.

You are a part of everyone and everyone is a part of you. You need everyone and everyone - often without knowing it - needs you.

Dallas is driving to a lonely skyscraper in the middle of nowhere after leaving an empty apartment filled with knickknacks indicating a sense of style for the eyes of people who will never come because they are too busy driving their eight-seater-SUV's from place to place in solitude to have ever made the acquaintance of those they surely would need the most. That is Dallas. You deserve better.

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