Well I Wonder

I wonder who was the first to walk up to a cow and think "if I tug on the little hangy/dangley things, I'll get a beverage." How many other animals did he get his ass kicked by before figuring out that cows were the way to go?

Why do I wonder about these things? Probably for the same reason I wonder why people prefer the dream of what they could have over the reality of getting it.

I have a friend that I've helped to get a phenomenal job. It's the job of his dreams & it's a million times better a job than he'd ever imagined having. A month after getting the job, my phone rings.... "Hey, I think I may have to quit." Success scared the hell out of him. What comes next after your dream comes true? Do you find bliss, or do you find fear? The bliss part is easy for me to understand: a dream come true - "woo-hoo, I'm living the life!" But I have trouble relating to people who find fear in having their dreams come true. ...is it a case of "now what?" ...is the problem fear of finding out that the grass wasn't greener after all? ...is the issue fear of failure - as if reaching the top means there's farther to fall? Maybe it's a combination of the three.

And I wonder why people often find fulfillment through conflict. I dated a woman for two years who loved to fight. When all was well, she would seek out problems - even if it meant creating them - because problems gave her a sense of purpose. A problem requires a solution, and she would be the one to find it. That's annoying! But even more annoying than her need to find a problem was her inability to solve it. After all - when the problem was solved, she lost her sense of purpose...

I wonder why people choose to become so polarized? Republican or Democrat. Yes or no. This or that. Black or white. The truth always lies somewhere in between.

And I wonder what the hell that beeping noise is? Oh yeah - it's my oven. Dinner's ready...

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