The Greatest Lie

I'm single... so, I meet people - women specifically... I go on dates, doing all sorts of basic things: maybe a walk around town, maybe drinks, maybe dinner... I try to avoid movies because sitting there & staring at a movie screen is better suited for avoiding a date than getting to know one. Think about it: If you're on a date and can't get rid of the person, for whatever reason, suggest a movie! Two hours go by without a chance to talk. It's perfect! However - my goal is to actually get to know this person... to see if a first date will turn into a second, maybe a third, and so on.

Last night, over drinks, my date uttered a phrase that brought the conversation to a halt! I once had a date tell me on a first date what she'd named her vibrator... and the name wasn't pretty. But this was different. Last night, the woman I was on a date with said: "The greatest lie you can tell yourself is that you don't care what other people think."

If a statement like that doesn't give you a reason to pause, you're not an intellectual. I mean, jeezus, that's really quite a thought if you stop to actually think about it...

...and of course, I thought about it.

My job has always been to attempt to control what other people think in regards to whatever radio station I was working for, or whatever dj I was promoting. That's the whole point of slogans, commercials, and spin doctoring. The fastest way to repair a radio station that nobody listens to has always been to convince people that "everybody" was listening to it... because nobody wants to be left out. It's the same reason why everybody is checking out The O.C. on Fox lately... Once enough people start watching a new show, word spreads, and then it grows as nobody wants to be out of the loop. Granted - we're taking as a given that the radio station in question - or the new TV show - is a good one. Before repositioning a radio station as everybody's favorite, we of course have to fix the fucking mess that caused the station to suck in the first place. (grin)

When I was a kid, living briefly in Chicago, I heard a commercial on the radio for Gino's East Pizza. It went a little something like this:

Man 1: Hey, wanna grab lunch at Gino's East?
Man 2: Gino's East? What's that?
Man 1: Wha...? You've never been there? Hey everybody! This guy's never been to Gino's East!!!!"
The next 20 seconds was filled with the uproar of a huge crowd howling with laughter. It made its point pretty clearly. But then again, Gino's East can do that because it's a Chicago institution.

"The greatest lie you can tell yourself is that you don't care what other people think."

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