The Bigass Prerequisite Disclaimer

I'm somewhat of a writer by trade. I primarily write short form promotional scripts for radio. You know... the silly things that play before the actual commercials begin... the things that say "Listen to win a thousand dollars from 100.3, K-R-A-P!" Yeah... that stuff. I spent the majority of my radio career writing those station promos. I'd write them, then fax or email the script to man-with-big-voice. Let's call him 'Big' for short (Sex and the City be damned).

I send Big the script. Big then sends me an mp3 file of himself reading the script as if the words were his own. I import the mp3 file into my workstation, add music, sound effects, etc etc etc, as I 'produce' the final station promo. Eventually, I end up with something that sounds like this.

Here's the problem: I write in a manner that is intended to be read out loud. That's what my promo scripts are for... they're not text so much as they are a one sided conversation. After having written this way for years - thanks to my job - I find that I write damn near everything that way. So... if you drop by Jalpuna! and read this here little ol' weblog, I can promise you the following:

- Seriously poor grammar.
- Consistently moderately poor spelling.
- Baffling usage of punctuation.
- Potentially thought provoking rambling.
- The ideas of a free thinker.
(I know that's not how it's spelled. That's precisely the point I am making here)

I figure it's best to get all apologies out of the way ahead of time. Speaking of which:

I wish I was like you
Easily amused
Find my nest of salt
Everything is my fault
I'll take all the blame
Aqua seafoam shame
Sunburn with freezerburn
Choking on the ashes of her enemy

What the hell was he talking about? Aqua seafoam WHAT?

All in all is all we are what EVER! [Nirvana, All Apologies... oh, nevermind]

Moving on:

A few quick notes about myself to get out of the way...

I'm single and spend far too much time thinking about life, love, and the complications that arise along the way.

My career background is in broadcasting... radio specifically.

I've lived in more parts of the U.S. than I'd like to admit. Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia (twice!), Illinois, Texas (twice!! ICK!!) ...I'm now living in Portland Oregon, and I adore it. I'm here to stay.

I've lived overseas for a year as a foreign exchange student, and have done some random traveling abroad as well.

I'm sure I'll write about these things from time to time.

So there you have it... My bigass prerequisite disclaimer - just in case you stumble across something I've posted here & you find yourself thinking "is this guy an IDIOT?" The answer just might be yes. You've been warned.


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