A Camera To Disturb My Rosy Past

I can't explain what it is that makes me take a certain picture... I guess I see something I like, and I snap a photo. Often, when I see the actual picture, I can't help thinking "wow."

At the time I snapped this picture, I thought nothing of it. I was trying to finish a roll of film so I could start a new one... I had one shot left, so - snap! Now I see this as one of my favorites. I could say it's a lucky shot - but I have a lot of lucky shots, which leads me to believe it isn't luck after all. Not that I'm a great photographer - or even a photographer at all... I just have a knack for capturing something interesting. I think the same holds true when it comes to storytelling. I can spend the day with someone, and that person may walk away thinking he had a good time [or not?] - and I'll walk away with a story to tell.

I live my life in the same way I take pictures. I'm less interested in the superficial - more interested in the oddities, the quirks, and the story to pass on.

I've posted some of my favorite pictures on my travel gallery. I just finished that page over the weekend, and I'm rather enjoying how it turned out. All of shots are pics I took and enjoy for one reason or another.

Maybe once I get over the cold I caught over the weekend, I'll tell a story or two about the pictures themselves. For now, it's enough of a struggle trying not to sneeze on my keyboard.


Ahhh well... back to the couch for me...

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