Bigtime Sadface :(

HTTP 404 - File Fot Found

Jalpuna is currently on its 4th completely new design, not to mention upgrades and downgrades of the MovableType software that runs much of it. Long story short: it's an oops on me.


Awe, Son Of A Glitch!!!!

You've arrived at the dreaded "404, file not found" error page.


Every site has one of these error pages, and those that don't were just too lazy to make one. Eventually, something always goes wrong, and that leads you to a 404 error page. Or, you'll just get a 404 error in a blank browser window if the website in question was created by someone too lazy to create a 404 error page.

Why the 404?
Maybe you followed a broken link...
Clicked on a file that doesn't exist...
Maybe the server went blooey...


It's also possible that a batch of other pages on my site have gone rogue, deciding they'd finally had enough of the page you were headed to, and they voted it off this island. If that's the case, who knows where the banished page might be. Come to think of it... the page you were looking for might, at this very moment, be sulking around the internet actively searching for YOU.


I'll be honest with you: that's probably not happening, however, the page you were looking for can probably be found somewhere in the archives. It's a long list in there, so if you don't feel like searching... well... I can't blame ya'.


I apoligize for the inconvenience.

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